How To Use The Minidex BT-LED Mod With CoolLED1248

Don't forget to download the software to control the BT-LED!
CoolLED1248 can control LED flexible display through the mobile phone APP to achieve patterns, text, graffiti, music rhythm, microphone rhythm function.
For Android: Google CoolLED1248 For iOS: Apple CoolLED1248       

How to use your Minidex BT-LED Mod

  1. Download the app CoolLED1248 from the proper app store. This is how you will interface with the Minidex BT-LED Mod and program what you want on the display.

  2. Plug in your Minidex BT-LED Mod into the Frunk of your Valve Index. Make sure your Valve Index is powered on, and the Mod is powered on. (Little switch on the side)

  3. When you turn on the BT-LED Mod it will show you a 4-Digit address tied to your device. This is the address name of that Mod. It will look like this:

  4. Once you have the app downloaded, open it and click on the three vertical lines on the top-left of the app to add your Minidex BT-LED. (Be sure to turn on your location settings if using android.)

  5. When you click on the three vertical lines the "Connected Device" will display. Choose your device from the selection, it will show as connected when it has the “Check Mark” next to your device.

  6. You can deselect your device by clicking the red X button next to it.

  7. Once your mod is connected you can now program and send things to the display. There are some preprogrammed displays in the app under “Pattern”. Click one one and it will send it to your mod.
    You can also create your own Animations, Graffiti, or Text by clicking on the corresponding option and then the “+” symbol at the top right of the app.

  8. Now you can program and change things on the fly from your phone!

Note to those with multiple BT-LED Mods:

If you have multiple BT-LED Mods on they will all show up under the “Connect Device” Menu. Select the Mods you want to control using the 4 digit code that displays on each Mod when you first power them on.

To display different content on each Mod, you need to only select the Mod(s) in the “Connected Device” you want to control. Then, once you have uploaded the content, deselect the active Mod(s) and choose the next Mod(s) you want to control.

Note that if you are connected to all Mods at the same time, they will all load the same content you send out to connected devices.

That’s It!
Enjoy your Minidex Mod!