How To Use The Minidex BT-LED Mod

How to use your new: 
Bluetooth Minidex LED Mod

  1. Download the app SPOTLED from the proper app store. This is how you will interface with the Minidex BT-LED Mod and program what you want on the display. For Android: Google SPOTLED For iOS: Apple SPOTLED      
  2. Plug in your Minidex BT-LED Mod into the Frunk of your Valve Index. Make sure your Valve Index is powered on, and the Mod is powered on. (It's on by default but the little white switch on the side controls it.) When you turn on the BT-LED Mod it will show you a 4-Digit address tied to your device. This is the address name of that Mod. It will look like this:

  3. Open the SPOTLED app and click on the Bluetooth Icon with the words “Connect to Bluetooth Device” under it. This is on the top bar of the app. Only the Bluetooth logo area is actually clickable.
    (Be sure to turn on your location to access Bluetooth devices)

  4. Once you click on the Click to connect Device area, the Bluetooth Device Selecting area will display.

    Note to those with multiple BT-LED Mods:

    With SPOTLED you can only connect to one mod at a time. If you need to switch mods, go back to the connection window and choose the connected mod you want to disconnect. A “Disconnect the Device” window will pop up. Choose confirm to disconnect the current BT_LED mod and then select the new mod you want to connect to.

  5.  Choose your device from the selection, it will display a window asking for a bluetooth pairing request.It will typically show as successfully connected with the SPOTLED app, but you still want to click the Pair option with your device to make future pair requests easier.


  6. Once your mod is connected you will see it displayed at the top of the SPOTLED app:

  7. To program your mod you need to choose from one of the options to create content. These are listed at the bottom of the app. If you open each you can get a sense of what they do. You can also click on the world Icon and download images that other people have created. Note that you are using a single color 48x12 pixel display and cannot show shading or multiple colors like more expensive displays.

  8. Once you have the display you want to send just click on the circle play button on the far left. This will upload the content to you mod. Note that you can also control the brightness and speed.

    This is an animation of a cat that we downloaded and want to send to the mod.
  9. After uploading to the mod your BT-LED display will now show the animation:
    Now you can program and change things on the fly from your phone!

That’s It! 
Enjoy your Minidex Mod!