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Playing beat saber for hours on end can get toasty. With the Minidex DUO, you will gain longer playtime and increased comfort as it can pull hot air out of your headset efficiently with slim, insulated, low-speed fans. This reduces the whirring noise, and vibrations, when turning your head at high speed, all while giving your Index the active cooling it always needed.

Dual 30mm ultra-quiet fans.

Plug and Play, no charging necessary. 

✅ Built-in on/off switch.

✅ Pulls hot air out of your Valve Index.

✅ Reduces sweating, fogging, and dust buildup.

✅ Keep cool and gain extended play hours.

✅ Lightweight and easy to use.

3D printed and assembled by hand in NJ, USA.

*Does not fit with the stock Valve Index faceplate as this impedes airflow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
One word, Nice!

Super awesome totally not lame

I absolutely love it

It works amazingly thank you so much

Best Mod for beatsaber

the good :
1. less hot on index
2. less hot on my face
3. less sweating
4 looks badass

the Bad :
1. kinda hard to remove it
2. very thick, cant use the old cover anymore

Misleading advertising. Barely fits.

While I have not had a chance to use the product while in VR, I feel a need to address 2 concerns. One of the promotional images implies that the faceplate can be installed while the fan is plugged into the frunk, which is simply not possible due to how thick it is. This would be fine while in use since it would restrict airflow anyway, but it would have been nice to be able to put the faceplate on when not in use.

The second issue is that the fans are an incredibly tight fit without modification, I had to shave off several millimeters of plastic in order to make it possible to remove the fans without risking damage to my HMD. As it is, putting it in the first time put a small notch in the plastic around the rim of the frunk.

Super duper quiet

This is quite an interesting mod that fits snuggly into the frunk of the Valve index. There is a little push to be securely fitted into the port and a bit challenging to take out however I don't really need to remove it. Looks good, just no room to put a fancy faceplate with fan holes, maybe in a future design it can be more flush with the device. Once you flip the slider switch on the minidex the fans start up. These fans are so quite you forget it's running and forget to turn them off if you want to! I believe a little LED indicator could be useful here.

After extensive use in HLA, Boneworks and beatsaber it seems to keep the headset cooler and I can go a little longer before I am sweating. This does not blow air in you face as you play its just blowing hot air out of the headset and I think it helps. I do recommend another product in addition to this which is an O2 Cool or SLENPET Portable Waist Clip Fan (very very good) to help more direct airflow to your neck and face. With these two you can play for hours and hours imo. By itself it adds at least 1+ hours of gameplay for me. I would definitely recommend.